Ceramics is one of the latest materials for the production of kitchen worktops. It is a highly sophisticated blend of natural materials, glass and porcelain. Production takes place by simulating geological processes that form rock in nature due to high pressure and high temperatures for thousands of years. However, they are tailored to match the aesthetic and practical needs of modern households.

This material, which has zero porosity and is free of microscopic defects, also features the following beneficial properties for the worktop:

  • High resistance to mechanical damage such as scratches, and abrasions
  • High resistance to liquids. It repels everything from water to aggressice chemicals. Prevents stains
  • High UV resistance, no color blending
  • High temperature resistance, up to 400 °C. You can use hot dishes on the worktop
  • Easy maintenance ( almost maintenance free material )
Ceramic worktops are available in the following sizes:
Depth: 50 – 1220 mm
Width: 50 – 2900 mm