Sinks and washbasins

We offer a wide selection of sinks and washbasins from notable brands in various materials. We recess the sinks and glue them under the worktops with placement according to customer requirements. Your kitchen work area thereby gains a unique appearance, but mainly fulfills the most demanding requirements for hygiene.

Our company has developed its own product line of sinks with the name DESKHO specially designed for recessing into all types of worktop materials.Fulfillment of this requirement places high demands for the material of the sink to be firm and level. The stainless steel is produced in high quality with thickness ranging from 0.7 – 1mm. The sink is fused from two parts and is not produced by pressing one piece of material.

The sink can be used for offset placement using classic mounting or underguled with our technology.

Our DESKHO sinks are also available in acrylic ( Avonite ) material to match the colour of the worktop. Acrylic sinks can alternatively be in combination with stainless steel bottom.

2 glassfiber reinforcement bars are added along underglued sink to reduce bending of worktop during transport and installation.