Dining tables and accessories

We offer dining tables and accessories which give your kitchen a higher functional value, including an appealing appearance. We produce dining tables from solid wood according to the assortment of wood we use. We will make your dining table to order on the basis of your dimensional requirements with a maximum length of 2500mm and a maximum width of 1220mm. Taletops can be ordered in two thickness, 30mm and 40mm. We produce table legs in dimensions 740x80x80 mm. We offer GENOM ( solid wood legs through tabletop ) or UNDER ( solid wood legs under tabletop )

We offer work areas for your kitchen in two variants, BLOCK ( cutting block in beech, oak, American walnut ) and BOARD ( cutting board in beech, oak, American Walnut )

Built in stainless ISKALL knobs in your worktop provide a trivet area for hot dishes so your kitchen worktop will always be in a perfect condition