Compact laminate

Compact laminate worktops

A waterproof material fulfilling the highest requirements for hygiene and durability with a wide spectrum of use. In our assortment we offer 12mm thick material pressed with a large quantity of decorative and contact papers, interlaced resin layer, pressed under high pressure. We offer the option of reinforcing the worktop to a 40mm thickness using a chipboard. This worktop can be edged by customer request laminate, PP, wood and aluminium edges. Compact laminate can be used everywhere where it is desirable to have the appearance of a thin elegant worktop even as bathroom furniture. This material is very popular with interior architects.

Compact laminate worktops are available in the following sizes:
Depth: 50 – 1250 mm
Depth: 150 – 3600 mm

We offer the following operations for our compact laminate worktops: different edge cuts, bar solutions, sink/hob cutouts, underglued sinks, joint connections and so forth. Level undergluing of the sink ( not applied to a 12mm thick compact laminate, for this type of sink undergluing 42mm is suitable )