Laminate worktops

Laminate kitchen worktops

Laminate is a commonly used material in kitchen worktops, with relatively high resistance to abrasion. This material consists of decorative paper, multiple layers of contact paper, interwoven resin layers, compressed under high pressure(high-pressure laminate). We offer a large quantity of decors and colours. This is a cost effective option.

Our laminate worktops come equipped with laminate front edge (postforming: 2 x r 3), which is bevelled into the shape of a „U“ under the worktop for reasons of insulating water vapour (for example from dishwashers). All our worktops have a laminate layer a minimum of 0.7 mm, which provides a lasting surface. This laminate thickness is decisive for successfully recessed sinks.

Laminate worktops are available in the following sizes:
Width: 50 - 1250 mm (1200mm)

Length: 150 - 3000mm

For the edge solution you can chose from postforming, laminate, aluminium, solid wood or polyprophylen type. You can also choose from a variety of additionally operations like different type of edge cuts, bar solutions, sink/hob cutouts, underglued sinks, joint connections and so long. We also offer fixed,unworked lengths from our worktop sortiment for developers and carpenters.