Solid wood worktops

Kitchen worktops from solid wood

Solid wood worktops from our range will secure a warm and exclusive desing for your interior. This is a natural material glued from lamella ( lamella width 40mm ) with naturally based water resistant adhesive. We deliver solid worktops sanded and finished on both sides with iol for protection against humidity. We are holders of the internationally recognized FSC® certificate (FSC-C125191) which guarantees the ecology friendly origin of the wood.

Solid wood worktops are available in the following sizes:

Depth: 50 – 1250 mm
Length: 150 – 4000 mm

We offer the following operations on our solid wood worktops: different edge cuts, bar solutions, sink/hob cutouts, underglued sinks, joint connections and so forth. Each order is delivered with an assembly kit containing squares, bolts, aluminium foil tape, sanding pad and maintenance oil. If the order includes a joint, hinges, lamella, assembly key and glue. Included in the price of the worktop is always a finish with cold pressed linseed oil. For an additional fee it is possible to order an oil wax finish, alternatively oil wax containing a curing agent. We also offer fixed,unworked lengths from our worktop sortiment for developers and carpenters.

Surface treatment for solid wood worktops

To ensure the strict requirements of the kitchen worktop it should have a suitable coating to ensure its non absorbency. Waxing and oiling are nowadays the classic way of surface treatment. They give the worktop an original look and protects the wood from external influences, protecting against excessive drying, bending and maintaining its color fastness. We offer 4 possible treatments for our customers, each of which has its own specific features.
Linseed oil cold-pressed

- Supplied to worktops without surface treatment
- Single, semi-glossy surface appearance

- Single, semi-glossy surface appearance
- highlights the wood structure
White oilwax

- highlights the wood structure - a lighter effect
- increased resistance to water, pollution
- long service life
- simple maintenance and repairs.
Oilwax with hardener OSMO

- silky-matt wood surface
- enhances the structure of wood and thus preserves the character of natural wood
- high mechanical and chemical resistance
- based on natural oils and waxes
- it contains no biocidal active substances; formaldehyde-free
- the surface does not whack, crack or peel off
- the surface is resistant to dirt (Cola drinks, wine, coffee, tea, fruit drinks, milk (according to DIN 68861-1C), repels water and is absolutely resistant to wet wiping
- It lasts for a long time and is easy to maintain
- longer drying times before you can use the worktop to its fullest use